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Published in 2005
Domain registration 29.04.2004
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Founded in early 2003 by former UUNET Managers, we were originally named Full Mesh Networks. The idea was simple – find a way to deliver complicated and expensive security technology over the Internet as a set of managed services. Among other things, we developed a hosted platform to secure and manage Wi-Fi networks, as well as perform Wireless Intrusion Prevention, all over the Internet.

We went to work and in March 2005 we launched personalVPN™ to anonymize you online as well as encrypt your data across untrusted networks.

WiTopia was born.

Today, we provide personal privacy and data security services to tens of thousands of cool folks all over the world. And, we were right – it’s a lot more fun.

With our optimized and user-customizable OpenVPN, PPTP, Cisco IPsec, L2TP/IPsec, along with our own proprietary 4D Stealth™ protocol (which obscures you’re even using a VPN), you will have a VPN service arsenal at your disposal, including alternate port and 256-bit encryption options. Unlike others, we also allow unlimited, real-time instantaneous switching between all cities and countries with unthrottled, unlimited bandwidth. You’ll be connecting a few minutes from now and can switch servers, cities, countries as often as you like.

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