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Website address https://www.vpn.sh
Published in 2016
Domain registration 21.09.2001
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Protocol OpenVPN PPTP
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Countries Σ = 20


Access your favourite content wherever you are

Whilst on vacation, you can still access content from your home country.

If you have tried to access your favourite websites whilst on vacation before, you may know that some content is unavailable outside of your home country. Using our service, you can continue to access your usual online material, by connecting to a server in your home country.


First and foremost, your connection will be secured. This is particularly important when using wireless hotspots in public places such as airports and cafe's.

Comunicate with your teammates

Restricted Content

Even whilst you are out of the country, you can access content that is restricted to your home country by connecting to one of our servers in your home country. No more waiting to come home to watch that new episode!

Share all kind of files


Many websites use your IP address to try to understand more about you, and share this information with other websites. This can result in companies knowing far more about you than you'd like them to. Using a VPN keeps these pests away, and allows you to browse anonymously.

Service pros

+Fast support
+Reliable night support

Service cons

No moneyback
No personal dashboard

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Astraport, guest 03.04.2017, 11:02




Неплохой сервис, на все мои вопросы ответили, скорость снижается конечно, но это же впн, так что не критично.

Strong, guest 24.02.2017, 19:50




Самое привлекательное у этой компании... сайт. VPN медленные, либо нестабильные, сапорт зато отвечает быстро, но со своими исправить сервис все равно не может. Минус

The most attractive in this company ... is site. VPN is slow and unstable, but support responds quickly, but can't solve problems. Dissatisfied

Dev, guest 07.02.2017, 03:10




Не все страны бывают доступны, проблемы решаются очень медленно, если вообще решаются. Недоволен, не советую.

Not all countries are always available, problems are solved very slowly, in case if they become solved. Dissatisfied, I do not advise.