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Security and integrity
Prevent hackers and governments monitoring your internet traffic. Browse the internet anonymously, safely and quickly with OVPN.

Monthly transparency reports
OVPN is the transparent VPN provider.
Every month we publish a transparency report on our blog where we state the total traffic consumption, server uptime and any spikes in traffic for all our servers in order to prove that we never oversell our services.
OVPN publishes monthly reports for transparency

Unlimited bandwidth
We put no limitations on either speed or traffic usage. Our servers are located in separate datacenters to guarantee redundancy.
All datacenters are connected with an uplink of atleast 10 Gbit/s.
OVPN offers unlimited bandwidth

99.5% uptime guaranteed
OVPN guarantees that our VPN service is up and running 99.5% of the time. Server status is available in real time for everyone to see.
If we are unable to keep that promise, all active customers get additional subscription time as compensation.
OVPN guarantees that our VPN service is up and running 99.5% of the time

Fantastic customer support
Our customer support can help you with anything regarding installation, troubleshooting or any other questions you may have.
We aim to answer support tickets within a couple of hours. Support is provided via email or live chat.
OVPN offers great customer service

Hundreds of anonymous IP addresses
To increase user anonymity we have over 600 IPv4 addresses and billions of IPv6 addresses.
When connecting to OVPN, a randomized IPv4 and IPv6 address is assigned to you.

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