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Published in 2012
Domain registration 12.04.2008
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The fastest VPN in the world

What hide.me VPN can do for you?

  • Safe surfing, wherever you are – we protect you from hackers, spyware and hunters for online personalities.
  • Prevents theft of financial information – we provide you with an anonymous IP-address, that your personal information is securely protected.
  • Unlock all sites – We hide your real location and connects you to our servers worldwide.

Do not lose speed

We always wanted to create a VPN-service, which wouldn’t be noticeable during use. That's why we provide GB speed and use modern equipment and software – something we created by ourselves to solve problems.

VPN without logs. Exactly. Absolutely

We declare seriously and with great responsibility: we do not keep logs and other records about your activity on the Internet. With logs you can easily reach the user who performed certain actions, and some VPN-providers transmit logs by the representative of the law, when it is required from them. We can not do so, because we simply do not have the logs. It's simple.

Feel ease

Unlike other installation services, VPN-providers, you do not need to be a professor of software to start using hide.me. Use one of our simple and clear guidelines to install the service on your device and to get protection in a few minutes.

Service pros

+Free VPN

Service cons

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Bliz, guest 03.03.2017, 20:20




Согласен с предыдущим отзывом. Откуда у них с такой скоростью вообще клиенты есть? Зато манибек сделали быстро

I agree with the previous review. From where do they get clienys if they have so low-speed service? But moneyback has been done

Jimbo, guest 01.03.2017, 08:40




для домашнего использования подойдут в интернете посёрфить, может быть видео посмотреть, но не больше.

suitable for home use, surfing in the net, may be watching video, but no more.

WhyAlwaysMe, guest 06.02.2017, 04:15




Не удовлетворен работой с данным сервисом, не стоит своих денег, уж точно не самый быстрый в сети. Ушел от них.

Not satisfied with the work of service, not worth the money, certainly not the fastest in the network. Changed them.

john, guest 04.02.2017, 21:34




Their claim being the fastest VPN worldwide is not exaggerated.


During the test I was connected to a hide.me VPN server in Netherlands (IP