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Published in 2017
Domain registration 27.10.2010
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The Most Scalable VPN
Fast and secure VPN solutions. Immediate setup.

Why choose Freedom-IP ?
Servers worldwide
Freedom-IP offers many servers used as VPN servers with the open source OpenVPN protocol or the more common, PPTP.
Unlimited traffic
Freedom-IP gives you unlimited use of your VPN whatever your subscription.
An encrypted connection
Your connection to your infrastructure is encrypted by the highest standard currently existing encryption (SSL). In addition, a new 256-bit encryption key is generated every 60 minutes for each connected user. You are always better protected.
A firewall that protects you
Your safety is our main goal. That is why we have implemented an infrastructure with a high-powered firewall that protects you from hackers and unwanted incoming traffic (attack, viruses, malware, scan ...). No configuration is necessary, be protected from your VPN connection (included in plan Silver, Gold and Titanium).
Free to access any content
Censorship of your government or rights holders is over. Access to any content without worrying about limited networks. Your IP address will no longer be a problem for your surf.
Special Gamer mode
We offer you a feature to enjoy the best possible latency network (lower ping). So you no longer suffer lag of network and can enjoy the game without being hampered by high latency.
Respect for your privacy
We undertake not to sell, transfer or disclose your personal data to third parties. Your trust is our priority.
Technical support
A support forum is available to discuss and ask questions to staff members and to the community.

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